Saturday, March 10, 2012

Church Unity Octave

“Behold, how good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell in unity!”(Ps.133:1). Keeping this verse of Psalm in mind and heart, the faithful of different denominations of Nagpur had Nine days of prayer service in different places to bring unity among Christians. The prayer for Christian Unity began on 18th January to 25th January 2012. The Concluding Prayer Service for Christian Unity was held on 25th January at St. Charles Seminary which was organized by Carolian Theological Forum (C.T.F.). There was prayer service in the evening and the word of God was shared by Rev.Roger Gaikwal beautifully during the prayer service.Soon after the prayer service, there was symposium on the topic “The Importance of Christian Unity for Evangelization”. There were representatives from different denominations like Rev.Fr. Justus Paul, O.P., Rev.Pastor Hansraj Jain, Rev.Dr.Akbar, Rev.Pastor Amarendra Swalsingh and Rev. Hruda Rajan Lohora who could really enlighten and enrich the audience by their spiritual and inspiring thoughts on the topic. Well, the moderator of the symposium was Rev.Fr. Jerome Pinto, the Vicar General of Nagpur Arch Diocese, who really conducted the symposium in a very graceful and orderly manner.

Saturday, July 16, 2011


According to the oral tradition, a group of interested theologians formed Carolian Theological Forum in the early 1970’s. For many years it functioned in an informal way. The 19th December 2000 was a red-letter day in the history of Carolian Theological Forum. On this day eleven enthusiastic students of theology vowed to revive and renew this organization under the guidance of Rev.Fr. Peter Lobo. Hence this forum took a deep root in the Seminary. Now the members feel that the forum has passed through the initial stages of development. Hence, the need of the constitution was expressed to regulate the functioning of CTF.
I. Name:
1.       The Organization is known as Carolian Theological Forum (CTF).
2.       The term ‘Carolian’ denotes the resident students of theology of St.Charles’ Seminary.
3.       The objectives of CTF are:
(i)                  To keep abreast of present-day theological developments and discussions within the Church and the world at large.
(ii)                To offer/ spend time and energy in all possible ways to the Church and to the whole of human family.
4.       Any resident student of Theology is eligible to become a member by free choice.
5.       Each member shall offer his time and energy to all the activities of the Forum.
6.       All the members are to register their names on the day of inauguration. Those who join later are to register their names on the day of admission to CTF.
7.       The Patron of CTF is the Rector of St. Charles’ Seminary.
8.       The Patron of the CTF can hold the office of the Director of CTF if he so wishes.
9.       If the Patron does not accept to be the Director then any Professor of the faculty of Theology can be appointed by the Rector and the Staff.
10.   He guides and directs the CTF.

11.   The President, the Secretary, the Treasurer and the Members of Finance Commission are the office-bearers of the CTF.
12.   Each of the elected office-bearers of CTF, namely, the President, the Secretary, the Treasurer and the Members of Finance Commission hold office for a term of 1year.
13.   President:
The functions of the President of CTF are the following:
(i)                  To preside over the meetings of CTF.
(ii)                To prepare the agenda.
(iii)               To represent CTF in all official matters.
14.   Secretary:
The functions of the Secretary of CTF are the following:
(i)                  To assist the President in his functions.
(ii)                To chair the meetings when the President is absent.
(iii)               To maintain the Attendance Register.
(iv)              To record and keep the minutes of all the meetings of CTF and present them in the General Body Meetings.
(v)                To send out intimation and agenda for the meetings.
(vi)              To maintain all the files and documents of CTF.
15.   Treasurer:
The functions of the Treasurer of CTF are the following:
(i)                  To act as the head of the Finance Commission.
(ii)                To maintain the accounts of the income and expenditure.
(iii)               To meet the ordinary expenditure up to Rs.200.00; up to Rs.500.00 he can spend only in consultation with and approval of the finance commission; aboveRs.500.00 the matter has to be discussed and approved in the General Body meeting.
16.   Members of the Finance Commission:
The two elected members shall audit the accounts with the help of the procurator of the Seminary.
17.   All the office-bearers will be elected democratically.
18.   Elections will be held in the month of November each year.
19.   The President, Secretary, Treasure and the two members of the Finance Commission are elected by a secret ballot in the General Body Meeting by absolute majority.
20.    The election of each of the above office-bearers shall not exceed two scrutinies. In the second and final scrutiny only the two candidates with the highest number of votes are eligible.
21.   In case of tie the senior by age will be elected.

22.   The President:
The following are the requirements for a candidate to be eligible for election as President of CTF:
(i)                  He shall be a member of CTF from the 3rd year to Theology.
(ii)                He shall have attended at least 7 ordinary meetings.
23.   The Secretary:
The following are the requirements for a candidate to be eligible for election as Secretary of CTF:
(i)                  He shall be a member of CTF from the 1st year of Theology.
24.   The Treasurer:
The following are the requirements for a candidate to e eligible for election as Treasurer of CTF:
(i)                  He shall be a member of CTF from the 2nd year of Theology.
(ii)                He shall have attended at least 4 General Body Meetings.
25.   The Two Members of Finance Commission:
(i)                  Any CTF member is eligible to be elected to this commission.
26.   The Finance Commission comprises of President, Secretary, Treasurer and the two elected members.
27.   The Treasurer of CTF is the head of the Commission.
28.   Commission is responsible for raising funds and the allocation of funds as described in Art.15 (iii).
29.   The detailed account shall be presented by the Commission to the members in the General Body Meetings held in the months of November and March.
30.   CTF shall not solicit donations. It may raise funds by other means.
31.   The General Body of CTF shall meet on first Monday of every month from 8.30 to 9.30pm.
32.   The following shall be the agenda:
(i)                  Opening Prayer
(ii)                Presentation of the Report
(iii)               Presentation (20mts.)
(iv)              Interaction (15mts.)
(v)                Preparation of agenda for the next meeting
(vi)              Zero Hour/Any other business
33.   Members may seek clarification on any matter concerning CTF during the Zero Hour.
34.   Programmes like inter-religious dialogue, debate, quiz, ecumenical meeting, etc., may be conducted every alternate month.
35.   There is a social outing and a social gathering once a year. The expenditure for the same shall not exceed Rs.1, 000.00.

36.   Any proposal for an amendment to the Constitution of CTF is to be discussed in the General Body Meeting.
37.   For an amendment to be passed in the General Body Meeting a two-thirds majority of votes cast is required.